Finding Solutions and Restoring Harmony 

Avoid Going to Court -- Maintain Harmonious Relations

With many years of court experience, Carol knows that litigation is never a better option. Sitting down and working out an agreement that everyone can live with is always better, and provides long term solutions for the whole family, without breaking the bank. 

Carol Baird Ellan is an experienced family law mediator based in Sechelt BC. Carol conducts mediations on the Sunshine Coast, at her office in West Vancouver, and will travel or conduct telephone or video mediations for clients throughout BC, to maximize convenience and minimize cost and conflict.  

As a retired judge, Carol has dealt with all kinds of conflicts. She specializes in reaching long-term solutions that solve current problems and anticipate future issues.



"Carol made us both feel heard, understood and respected..."

- T.N., North Vancouver


"Every encounter I had with Ms. Baird Ellan was positive - even when the subject matter was not..." 

- M.C., West Vancouver


"Facing a separation or family crisis can be a very trying experience. Finalizing the details should not make things worse."  - Carol